Tarot Readings
By Marli

For accurate Tarot Readings and Hand Painted Glass Art




    Card Images above from "Transparent Tarot Deck"



 Welcome to Tarot Readings by Marli 


Life is unpredicatable...

Will you find your soul mate? Will you be successful? Which decision is best for you at this point in time?

Life's journey can take you to the depths of despair and your greatest victories.  It's full of decisions - some wise, some not so much.  But hopefully with each adventure we learn and we grow as human beings and understand more about who we are as an indivdual.

Think of your life as a book, and a Tarot Reading as a few pages out of that book, but, a chapter or two ahead of the page you're on now. 

Some lessons we just have to grin and get through - and in time, recognize the value of this experience - others we can navigate around, and find a better alternative.... when you have an insight into what's coming!

Tarot Cards have been used since the late 14th Century for fortelling the future, and can help guide you in this journey we call life.   





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